Port Grimaud

  • Canal city with boat moorings (“The Venice of France”)
  • 24/7 security
  • Close to St.Tropez and St. Maxime, easily reached by boat or ferry
  • Close to national parks and cosy Provencal villages.

An art of living. Port Grimaud is a village without cars. For all your trips, opt for the bike or the boat: imagine going to the restaurant at night …by boat. Above all, the weather remains the key of this lifestyle with more than 300 sunny days each year. 

To come and go from the city, it’s much faster and more convenient to travel by boat than other forms of transportation. Water buses are convenient travel solutions for residents and visitors in order to get into the city.

Port Grimaud offers wonderful shops and art galleries for the art lovers and shoppers visiting our town.

A sustainable real estate investment. The rarity of the site concept guarantees its value. In transactional or rental profitability, Port Grimaud has always benefited from a growth in values over time. This valuation is also reinforced by its strategic location at the heart of the Bay of St. Tropez.

Fall in love with the sea and sailing. There is possibly no better place for families and friends to enjoy a perfect vacation, day trip or seasonal stay.

Give a home to your boat. The boat moorings in front of your garden offer direct access to the Mediterranean Sea: St Tropez and the Islands of Hyères are a few nautical miles away. 

High-end service. Get a turnkey house: your secondary home in Port Grimaud is visited monthly by a neighborhood warden in order to verify that everything is in order. The gardeners maintain the common and private gardens. The technical services of the city are in charge of roads and technical networks maintenance. 

Security. 24/7 patrols circulate on land and on water in Port Grimaud. Each entrance is secured, and a large network of cameras monitors the peacefulness of the site. 

Park your car conveniently in the nearby parking lot exclusively for residents. The house has two parking spots in the 24/7 security lot.

Stop by the town square and explore all its fascinating activities. You will walk among huge trees, shading restaurants, bars, shops and galleries. Stop by and stroll through the market and discover wonderful finds. It is open every Thursday and Sunday.